Best West Virginia brewery & beer selected for 2015

best West Virginia brewery

With 16 breweries making scores of different craft beers, which is the best West Virginia brewery? It’s time the best get some recognition for a job well done.

To select the breweries and beers that best represent the proud and resilient heritage of the Mountain State, asked a group of WV craft beer enthusiasts for help. With their input in hand, BrilliantStream selected the best for 2015. While all our breweries have done some good work this year, the decision is now in on the ones that did it best. Continue reading “Best West Virginia brewery & beer selected for 2015”

West Virginia beer year: 2015 was most superb

Brain Anderson, head brewer at Morgantown Brewing Company, had another good West Virginia beer year by winning three Bramwell medals
So many great stories in this West Virginia beer year, and we rank them. How about Brain Anderson, head brewer at Morgantown Brewing, winning three medals at Bramwell Oktoberfest.
Big momentum highlights the West Virginia beer year

The past 12 months have been an excellent West Virginia beer year. Craft beer finally picked up the steam it needed to make a big move forward. Would you believe we’ve passed the tipping point?
Yes, we’ve had other decent years with positive momentum, but nothing overall like 2015. It was so good Brilliant Stream rates WV’s top beer stories for 2015.

Don’t miss our pick for the Best WV Brewery and Best Beers of 2015 coming up tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 30. on 

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Devils Backbone launching in West Virginia

The countdown is over. Devils Backbone Brewing Company (DBBC) is launching its line of award-winning  beer in West Virginia starting now, and continuing over the next few weeks. The date products hit the shelves may vary in each local market. West Virginia will be the fifth state market to receive beer from the Roseland, Virginia-based craft brewery.

Watch your local craft beer bars’ Facebook pages for announcements of launch parties and other DBBC events.

Gold Leaf Lager 6-pack
Gold Leaf Lager six-pack by Devils Backbone Brewing comes in 12-oz cans.

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