Wine & Spirits Guide released

The West Virginia state tourism agency has been on a mission over most of the past year to help boost the visibility of the state’s wine and spirits producers. The latest piece of that promotion strategy debuted recently.

wine & spirits guide

On March 9, Wild, Wonderful West Virginia began distributing it new Wine & Spirits Guide—a traveler’s guide to wineries, distilleries and related events throughout the Mountain State. The guide is available now from the Division of Tourism main office and will soon be distributed in all eight Welcome Centers along the Interstates.

Commissioner of Tourism Amy Shuler Goodwin recognizes that interest in winery and distillery tourism is growing rapidly, and it is something that West Virginia can benefit from.

“West Virginia wines and spirits reflect the unique flavors and styles of the region, from old world to contemporary,” Shuler Goodwin said. “The guide is designed to showcase a wide variety of artisanal creations crafted here in the Mountain State.”

Collect Trail Badges

The passport-style pocket guide is divided into regional and themed trails and wine and spirits events. It contains a section in which travelers can collect Wine & Spirits Trail badges.  Badges can also be collected via the GoToWV app available for iOS and Android.

wine & spirits guide Mountain Moonshinewine & spirits guide Heritage Drinks

To request your free copy of the guide, visit or call 800-225-5982.

Using this guide in conjunction with the WV Barrel Trail will provide an enhanced way to plan your next field trip to a West Virginia winery or distillery.

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