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The Distilleries of West Virginia

wv Distillery Directory - Appalachian DistilleryAppalachian Distillery ²

3875 Cedar Lakes Drive
Ripley, WV

With such a convenient location just a short hop off I-77, you can’t go wrong trying out this popular producer of flavored moonshine liqueurs and whiskey.

Primary Products: flavored moonshine, bourbon
Primary Brands/Labels: Appalachian Moonshine (straight, apple pie, cinnamon, paw paw, coffee, strawberry lemonade), Single Barrel Bourbon, Original Appalachian Whiskey
Tours: Yes
Sampling: Yes
Bottle Sales & Store: Yes
Contact: (304) 372-7000    Website
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WV Distillery DirectoryBlack Draft Distillery ¹

1140 Kelly Island Road
Martinsburg, WV

A beautiful facility on a small, family farm in rural Berkeley County just a couple of miles outside Martinsburg. Their product uses 100% non-GMO corn, locally grown.

Primary Products: Un-aged corn whiskey (moonshine), bourbon
Primary Brands/Labels:
Black Draft Straight Bourbon
First Harvest Moonshine, Coffee Moonshine
Tours: Yes. Seasonal, call ahead
Bottle Sales: Yes
Contact: (540) 686-0100     Website
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Bloomery Plantation Distillery ¹ Bloomery Plantation Distillery

16357 Charles Town Road
Charles Town, WV

An ethereal drinking adventure, operating as a blending facility producing home-grown, natural fruit cordials and liqueurs. Their Friday and Saturday tastings are legendary. Bloomery Plantation raises its own lemons and ginger in a greenhouse. Also raise raspberries. Purchases other flavoring ingredients from local farmers.

Primary Products: fruited and spiced sweet liqueurs, moonshine-based hard lemonade
Primary Brands/Labels: SweetShine (Lemoncello, Crema Lemma, Hard Lemonade, Black Walnut, Peach Shine, Pumpkin Spice and many more)
Tours: Yes
Sampling: Yes
Bottle Sales & Store: Yes
Contact: (304) 725-3036    Website

Country Roads Distillery ²

100 Harvest Lane
Wheeling, WV

Located in rural Ohio County a few miles outside Wheeling at the Moss Farms Winery. Product just entering market (2/18). No additional information is available.

WV Distillery Directory - Elkhorn Mountain Elkhorn Mountain Distillery ¹

2141 Jenkins Run Road
Moorefield, WV

This little distillery feature small-batch, copper pot distilled spirits, using 100% natural corn and pure sugars. Located out in a little mountain valley in Hardy County.

Primary Products: un-aged corn whiskey
Primary Brands/Labels: Elkhorn Mountain Moonshine.
Tours: No
Sampling: No
Bottle Sales & Store: No
Contact: (304) 538-4277     Website

Flying Buck Distillery ¹ 

13841 Northwestern Pike
Augusta, WV

This is a small, farm-based distillery in the mountains of the Potomac Highlands with a nice country store attached. Flavoring ingredients from their farm. Easy access off highway U.S. 50.

Primary Products: straight and flavored corn whiskey (moonshine)
Primary Brands/Labels: Flying Buck Moonshine, Apple Pie, Peach, Naughty Oak
Tours: Yes
Sampling: Yes
Bottle Sales & Store: Yes
Contact:  (540) 550-5480     No website. Facebook page only
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Forks of Cheat Distillery ¹ WV Distillery Directory - Forks of Cheat

2811 Stewartstown Road
Morgantown, WV

This outgrowth of Forks of Cheat Winery produces a variety of craft spirits offered in a spacious hillside tasting room just outside Morgantown. Be sure and try the wines too.

Primary Products: brandy, grappa, rye whiskey, moonshine, flavored moonshine
Primary Brands/Labels: Forks of Cheat Apple Jack, Ridge Runner Rum, Mountain Moonshine, Big Deal Rye.
Tours: Yes
Sampling: Yes
Bottle Sales & Store: Yes
Contact: (304) 598-2019     No website   Facebook page

WV Distillery Directory - Hatfield & McCoyHatfield & McCoy Moonshine ²

297 James Avenue
Gilbert, WV

This Mingo County distillery makes only one spirit, and it comes from a recipe provided by the owner who is a direct descendant of Devil Anse Hatfield. Now a major tourist draw in the southern WV coalfields.

Primary Products: un-aged corn whiskey
Primary Brands/Labels: The Drink of the Devil Moonshine
Tours: Yes
Sampling: Yes
Bottle Sales & Store: Yes
Contact: (304) 664-2821     Website
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WV Distillery Directory - Isaiah MorganIsaiah Morgan Distillery ¹

45 Winery Lane
Summersville, WV

Located at the Kirkwood Winery, this distillery makes small-batch corn whiskies, brandy and more

Primary Products: moonshine, rye, grappa, bourbon
Primary Brands/Labels: Isaiah Morgan, Southern Moon (corn whiskey)
Tours: Yes
Sampling: Yes
Bottle Sales & Store: Yes
Contact: 1-888-4WV-WINE    Website

Mountain State Spirits ²

231 Valley Way
Bridgeport, WV

This new north central WV distillery project located north of Benedum Airport is just getting started producing cordials and oak barrel-aged spirits including rye and bourbon.

Primary Products: cordials, whiskey
Primary Brands/Labels: Unknown
Tours: Not at this time
Sampling: Not at this time
Bottle Sales & Store: No. Coming soon to local liquor stores.
Contact: (304) 629-6168    No website or Facebook page (2/5/18)

WV Distillery Directory - Pinchgut HollowPinchgut Hollow Distillery ²

1602 Tulip Lane
Fairmont, WV

Co-located at the Heston Farm Winery, this distillery specializes in moonshine variants sold in their unique headstanding pig bottles. Some of their more unique specialties include a Monongahela corn whiskey made in a style from the time of the Whiskey Rebellion and a whiskey with local rhubarb.

Primary Products: corn whiskey, flavored moonshine, buckwheat spirits, brandy
Primary Brands/Labels: Pinchgut Hollow, Copperhead, Mason Dixon, Sour Ass, Grumble Jones Brandy
Tours: Yes
Sampling: Yes
Bottle Sales & Store: Yes
Contact: (304) 366-9463     Website
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RADA Distillery at Flying Squirrel Ranch ¹ 

134 Rada Road
Purgitsville, WV

Distillery with campground, Airbnb, fishing lake, hiking trails in the beautiful Potomac Highlands. Easy access off highway U.S. 220.

Primary Products: whiskey, moonshine, brandy, rum, specialties
Primary Brands/Labels: Rada Appalachian Spirits Wicked Moon Shine, Straight Up Vodka
Tours: Yes. Call ahead
Sampling:  Yes
Bottle Sales & Store: Yes
Contact:  (619) 507-8311    No website. Facebook page
BrilliantStream Article Link:  1

WV Distillery Directory - Smooth AmblerSmooth Ambler Spirits ²

745 Industrial Park Road
Maxwelton, WV

Primary Products: Originally known primarily for purchasing stocks of high-quality, well-aged bourbon, rye, and rum from other producers and bottling it (merchant bottled) at their distillery near Lewisburg. They also make their own whiskey produced primarily from local grain.
Primary Brands/Labels: Smooth Ambler Wheated Bourbon, Old Scout bourbons & rye (merchant bottled); Contradiction blend of straight bourbons, Revelation rums (merchant bottled)
Tours: Yes
Samples: Yes
Bottle Sales & Store: Yes
Contact: (304) 497-3123    Website

WV Distillery Directory - Still HollowStill Hollow Spirits ¹

128 Stink Run Road
Harman, WV

A tiny distillery making corn whiskey in the mountains of Randolph County.  Located at Job, WV, even though the address says Harman.

Primary Products: un-aged sour mash corn whiskey
Primary Brands/Labels: Still Hollow Corn Whiskey
Tours: Call ahead
Sampling: Call ahead
Bottle Sales & Store: Call ahead
Contact: (304) 227-4692     No Website; Facebook page only

WV Distillery Directory - Hatfield FamilyThe Sweeter Side of the Feud Winery ¹

517 Colt Run
Spencer, WV

A member the legendary Hatfield family started this distillery on a farm just a few miles outside Spencer. Also produce wines.

Primary Products: un-aged corn whiskey, flavored moonshine, bourbon
Primary Brands/Labels: Hatfield Family Moonshine, Hair of the Pig, Coco Loco Pig, Devil Anse’s Single Barrel Bourbon
Tours: Call ahead
Sampling: Yes
Bottle Sales & Store: Yes
Contact: (304) 927-3810     Website

WV Distillery DirectoryWicked Spirits Distillery ¹

4342 Bunnells Run Road
Harrisville, WV

Distillery located on a small, family farm in Ritchie County. Products available at many liquor stores in WV.

Primary Products: vodka, flavored corn whiskey
Primary Brands/Labels: Endless Wall Vodka; HemiShine 69 Flavored Whiskey (ginger, cinnamon, honey, blackberry)
Tours: No.
Sampling:  No
Bottle Sales & Store: No
Contact: No phone. No website. Facebook page only
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¹ A Mini-Distillery License requires the distiller to use some locally sourced ingredients and places an annual limit on production. Cost is $50 annually

² A Regular Distillery License has no ingredient requirements or production restrictions. Cost is $1,500 annually

NOTICE:  This directory, compiled from numerous sources for BrilliantStream.com, is believed to be accurate as of the time it was published. Always check with a distillery directly to ensure correct information on project availability and operating hours. Since most all of these distilleries are small local businesses, any information presented here is subject to change at any time without notice.