Wicked Spirits Distilling brings big dreams to small WV farm

Wicked spirits distillery

Wicked Spirits Distilling Company sits on a little Ritchie County horse farm outside Harrisville, WV. It’s had a distillery license for well over a year but founder Dustin Huffman has been taking things slowly, testing his product with liquor people and getting everything just right before launching his first two lines. Continue reading “Wicked Spirits Distilling brings big dreams to small WV farm”

Jingle bells, shotgun shells

Shotgun shell four packs of moonshine
They look like giant 12 gauge shotgun shells. inside each is a surprise from Pinchgut Hollow Distillery. Once packaged in 4-packs, these”shells” will make a novel holiday gift package.
Have you seen Shotgun Shells like these?

Gift packs are hot items over the next couple of months, and Pinchgut Hollow Distillery of Fairmont, WV, has a good one. It comes packaged with two red and two green shotgun shell-shaped boxes. Pull apart the shotgun shell container and out pops a 50 ml bottle of Pinchgut Hollow Distillery’s flavored moonshine. Green shells hold the Honey Peach Moon, while red ones hold Apple Pie Shine. Continue reading “Jingle bells, shotgun shells”