Dan Maerzluft brews with skill and experience

Dan Maerzluft with Chelsea Maerzluft
West Virginia resident Dan Maerzluft is an enthusiastic supporter of West Virginia’s brewing scene even though he works at a brewery in neighboring Maryland. Maerzluft is pictured here at the 2015 Bramwell Oktoberfest.

West Virginia has a bunch of solid brewers who live here and work at its 14 breweries. But the most highly regarded and highly honored brewer that currently resides in the Mountain State actually brews his beer in Maryland. I’m talking about Dan Maerzluft, brewmaster at Antietam Brewery in Hagerstown, MD.

I’m amazed at Dan’s accomplishments. Continue reading “Dan Maerzluft brews with skill and experience”

Antietam Brewery builds its business

exterior of Antietam Brewery
Antietam Brewery at Benny’s Pub in Hagerstown, Maryland, is located in a strip shopping center between a grocery stop and a chain restaurant. But once inside, everything is revealed.

As you drive up to Benny’s Pub, it looks like a typical local bar set in a nondescript, Maryland strip mall. You know, the kind of place you might expect to get a Natty Boh and a shot. But one look inside and you notice something different, something unexpected. There’s a brewery in there. And quite a brewery it is.

Antietam Brewery, located at Benny’s Pub, is a Hagerstown oasis, producing some beautiful craft beer. It’s currently the only brewery operating in the Appalachian area of Maryland. Continue reading “Antietam Brewery builds its business”