Road Trips

West Virginia Road Trip mapWhile Brilliant Stream’s readers love West Virginia breweries and beer, we also know you enjoy road trips now and then to experience the awesome world of beer that lies outside our region. 

Those of us who reside in West Virginia are lucky to be so centrally located within the Appalachian region of the Eastern United States. With so many great outlets for craft beverages only a few-hours drive away, it’s crazy not to plan some road trips.

Here are some Brilliant Stream suggestions for trips we think you will find enjoyable and fulfilling.
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road trip Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Dunedin Florida
Dunedin, Florida
Charlottesville, Virginia
Antietam Brewing
Antietam Brewing, Hagerstown, MD
New Belgium Asheville
New Belgium, Asheville, NC
Asheville brewery Bhramari Brewhouse outdoor sign
Bhramari Brewhouse in Asheville NC
The Community Tap has a very passionate following
Greenville, SC beer scene is growing fast
flights of Antietam beer
Antietam Brewery, Hagerstown, MD
Smoky Mountains Moonshine, TN
State of Origin Fest, Morgantown, NC
State of Origin Fest, Morgantown, NC