Visit the unique, distinct Charleston-Huntington Brewery Trail


We invite you to experience the remarkable, absolutely unequalled Charleston–Huntington Brewery Trail.  Our trail has the unique distinction of being  the sole ale trail in the nation with only one brewery.

brewery trail

We take the worry out of your vacation planning. You’ll never lose sleep or have anxious moments trying to decide which breweries to visit, even if you only have limited time here. So, come to Charleston–Huntington and visit our brewery.

Sure, you could choose to visit other cities where you can experience multiple craft breweries—but they’re a dime a dozen these days. Why waste your time and money Ubering among a bunch of different breweries, who all make pretty much the same styles of beer anyway, when you can get it all here in one convenient stop.

Our exciting metro region ranks in the top 14% of all  U.S. city metros for population. Hundreds of restaurants and bars line the streets of our towns. Our many industries, businesses, medical centers, and universities provide employment to thousands of happy people. Our one brewery ranks us first among the nation’s brewery trails with the fewest breweries. We think that’s a pretty cool distinction, don’t you?

Experience some #AlmostHeaven hospitality. Get out there and hit the Charleston–Huntington Brewery Trail.

Benefits of Charleston–Huntington Brewery Trail

  • Your time is valuable. It won’t take long to complete our trail.
  • You aren’t likely to get lost.
  • Takes the worry out of pacing yourself.
  • Saves lots of cab fare.
  • You won’t waste money on souvenir brewery t-shirts, hats, and glassware because we don’t offer them.

Details of our One-Stop Ale Trail

  • Beer Flights: Yes
  • Growler Fills: Yes
  • Pints: Yes
  • Good Food: Yes
  • Free beer samples: No
  • Canned and/or Bottled Beer to-go: No
  • Regular Public Tours: No
  • Brewery Store with logo clothing & glassware: No
  • Brewery Logo: No
  • Brewery Website: No
  • Brewery Facebook Page: No
  • Free Parking: No

The metropolitan region of Charleston-Huntington is by far the most populous in the state. The eleven-county region includes seven counties in WV and extends into three counties of Kentucky and one in Ohio. From 2014 population estimates, the Charleston–Huntington Primary Statistical Area (PSA) contained 698,809 people, ranking it the 79th largest PSA out of the 569 PSAs in the nation. For comparison purposes, the 80th largest PSA, Huntsville-Decatur-Albertsville, Alabama, has 8 breweries. The 78th largest PSA, Springfield, Massachusetts, has 13 breweries.


[Was this Brilliant Stream column written with tongue-in-cheek and intended solely for the entertainment of our readers? Are we crazy to stay in Charleston? How long must we wait before this region decides to join the 21st century economy?]

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  1. Your post is humorous and unfortunately so true. I’m from Charleston and currently reside in Morgantown and I always think that if I could just meet the right people, I would love to invest in a brewery or craft beer bar at least in Charleston. I really don’t understand why more breweries haven’t opened in Charleston/Huntington. There is an incredible market opportunity right now.

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