Champion Brewing enters WV

One of Virginia’s more successful craft breweries has entered the West Virginia market. Champion Brewing Company of Charlottesville will begin selling its complete line of brews in the Mountain State.champion brewing

We will be seeing popular products such as their Missile IPA and Shower Beer (Czech Pils), along with the brand new True Love Mexican Lager.

Champion Brewing Q & A

Brilliant Stream communicated recently with Champion Brewing  representative Marijean Oldham, and she provided the following answers to our questions.

champion brewingQ.  What beers in your line are coming to WV?  What are your most popular beers?

A.  All of Champion’s core and seasonal releases are coming to WV, including Shower Beer, Missile, Falconer, and our exciting double IPA series, beginning with the Fruitless Double IPA. Our most popular beers are Missile IPA and Shower Beer. Champion Brewing distributes in cans and draft to West Virginia. (We don’t put our beer in bottles.)

Champion Brewing True LoveQ.  What couple of things would you like WV beer fans to know about Champion Brewing and its brewing philosophy and business goals?

A.  We’re a growing regional brewery that’s focused on quality first. We really enjoy making lagers and IPAs and experimenting in our tap rooms to find the best new beer we can make.

Q.  How big is Champion in annual production, number of employees, rank in Virginia, etc?

A.  Champion is on track for 10,000 BBL of production, putting us in the top 10 in Virginia.

Q.  In what areas/regions of the state will you be distributed? Why did you decide to expand distribution to WV?

A.  We are distributing statewide in West Virginia by the end of the summer, and it began with demand from the market and distributors for the products. As WV is only hours from our brewery, it only makes sense.

Q.  You operate facilities in Charlottesville and Richmond, any other expansion plans?

A.  We’ve enjoyed our expansions and continue to explore opportunities both in and out of the state of VA.

For more info, visit Champion’s website

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