Dunedin: best beer town in Florida – Road Trips for Beer

If you like visiting Florida and you like good beer, there is no better place to stop than Dunedin. This little town on the northwest side of the Tampa Bay region now contains eight breweries. And they are all very walkable in a safe, compact downtown that is chock-full of local restaurants, shops, and parks.

Dunedin Florida

Click on the image above or use this link to view and/or print Brilliant Stream’s four-page PDF brochure that will help you get the most out of a Dunedin road trip.

While Brilliant Stream’s readers love West Virginia breweries and beer, we also know you like to take a road trip now and then to experience the awesome world of beer that lies outside our region. Road trips are fun. Road trips are educational. Through Road Trips for Beer we provides ideas and suggestions for road trips we think you will find especially enjoyable and fulfilling.

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