Bhramari Brewhouse – new kid on Asheville brewery scene

It doesn’t take long for things to change in the vibrant Asheville brewery scene. When you return after a month or two away, exciting things are sure to have happened.

Case in point.

Bhramari Brewhouse opens on South Lexington

Asheville brewery scene. Bhramari Brewhouse exterior

Bhramari Brewhouse has opened its taproom on a street corner behind the Orange Peel. (101 South Lexington Avenue)

Asheville brewery Bhramari Brewhouse outdoor sign

While  closest to the Wicked Weed brewpub, this new brewery is within easy walking distance of all the other breweries in the South Slope district.

taps at Bhramari Brewhouse. Asheville brewery.

It features 25 taps, which serve up craft beer from Asheville and Western North Carolina brewers. If you are looking for a good place to sample a wide variety of beers from the region, this is the place to go.

The new brewery is owned by the same folks that operate Asheville Brewery Tours. Bhramari will be the tour company’s base of operation, serving as the start and finish point of most tours.

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In late January, the brewing crew led by owner/head brewer Gary Sernack, were busy setting up and testing the brewing equipment. Only recently receiving necessary permits, they have now commenced brewing on the 15-barrel system. They purchased their primary brewing equipment set-up from Atlantic Brew Supply in Raleigh.

Asheville brewery Bhramari Brewhouse

Bhramari will soon have its own line of six to eight in-house-brewed beers on tap. (Initially, they had brewed a beer or two at another brewery and had it on tap.) We tried their Carolina Common, and a pleasant beer it was. Malty and clean, easy-drinking — a good food beer. It uses local malt from Riverbend Malt House.

Sernack is also a chef, so we’re told to expect big flavors in his brews. Also expect to always find one of their beers poured from an infusion tap.

Asheville brewery Bhramari Brewhouse taproom interior

The taproom area is a very attractive space with several unique and artful design features. It has seating space for about 60 people.

Beyond beer, the taproom is a fully licensed liquor bar. If you’re not into beer, ask the bartender for the wine and cocktail list. Announcements of live musical entertainment will be posted on the brewery’s Facebook page.

Asheville brewery Bhramari Brewhouse inside wall art

This wall section is actually a piece of art made from slices of tree branches and trunks.

Bhramari is the Sanskrit word for the humming sound made by a bumblebee.

Great looking food menu too

The food menu is more bistro gourmet than typical brewpub fare. The menus look real good. The Bhramari culinary team is led by Josh Dillard, formerly of Zambra, a popular Asheville dining spot. They call their cuisine inventive. You’ll find items that are familiar, yet different, at the same time.

The chef seeks out and uses many locally-sourced ingredients in preparing his dishes. It’s great to see that kind of commitment.

Asheville brewery Bhramari Brewhouse restaurant seating section

If you prefer a quieter, more relaxed environment, ask to sit in one of the separate restaurant rooms. The restaurant seating section of the establishment is tastefully decorated and contributes to a pleasant dining experience.

Asheville road trip

Not that the city really needed another brewery, but it can always use another quality establishment like Bhramari Brewhouse. This new place has much going for it, so give it a try on your next Asheville road trip.

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