Mountain Dragon Mazery masters mead

Mountain Dragon Mazery is certainly one of the most exciting new producers of meads and other honey-based wines anywhere in the Southern Appalachian region.

Mountain Dragon Tulip Poplar Honey Mead
Mountain Dragon Tulip Poplar Honey Mead is a varietal mead made of honey from the blooms of the tulip poplar tree.

Located in Fairmont, West Virginia, Mountain Dragon Mazery makes a wide variety of meads, melomels and methyglyns, several of which are unique to the market. Some of their products harken back to the old days of mead making in the British Isles. In fact, the name Mazery is taken from an old English word for meadery.

The honey used is locally sourced — Mountain Dragon operates its own apiary along the Monongahela River between Fairmont and Morgantown. They also buy honey from other West Virginia honey producers.

Sold in 750 ml colored-glass bottles with very attractive labels, their products really stand out on the retailer shelves.

Something a bit unusual are their varietal meads. Mountain Dragon produces two: Tulip Poplar and Basswood, which are made from honey produced from the blooms of those trees.  Mountain Dragon also uses some uncommon fruits and flavorings in its Melomel and Methyglyn.

Mountain Dragon Mazery Basswood
Mountain Dragon Mazery Basswood Mead is packaged in beautiful blue glass.

Take a look at this attractive list of products taken from their website:

Wildflower Honey Mead

This classic honey wine is the essence of wooded mountains, sunny meadows, and bountiful wildflowers.

Black Cherry Red

This honey-cherry wine fermented with tea blends West Virginia honey and pure black cherry juice with a splash of green tea for a delightfully robust flavor and color reminiscent of red wines while remaining uniquely its own mead.

Black Cherry Blush

This lighter colored wine blends West Virginia honey and pure black cherry juice with a splash of green tea for a delicate flavor and color reminiscent of  blush wines.

Cafe Montevedre Methyglyn

Blends a shade grown Costa Rican coffee (roasted by Montana Coffee Traders) with rich West Virginia honey mead.

Tulip Poplar Honey Mead

Tulip poplar honey is dark and sweet with a reddish tinge. The mead finishes with a beautiful color and character, showcasing the classic WV honey.

Basswood Honey Mead

Basswood honey — produced from the fragrant blossoms of the basswood tree — is pale, spicy, and peppery. The mead derives its distinctly fresh flavor from this traditional WV honey.

Ruthie’s Rhodomel Methyglyn

This Wild Harvest Special Reserve is a mead made from WV honey fermented with rose petals from our ancient sprawling tea rose. Tea rose has long been known as one of the most strongly scented and flavorful roses. The final product is a glass of summer’s day, delicate and pleasing.

Morat Melomel

This Wild Harvest Special Reserve is 76% Honey, 24% Mulberry wine. Morat is the Welsh name for a melomel made from honey and mulberry, which is a beautifully flavored fruit that seldom comes to market due to its difficult harvest. Morat Melomel is a great treat, balancing the elegant fruit flavor with the broad notes of WV honey.

Mountain Dragon Mazery fermentation room
Mountain Dragon Mazery uses all glass vessels to ferment their meads. Photo credit: website

Tasting room and store

Location: 1516 Morgantown Ave, Fairmont, WV

Hours: Thursday from 4:00 – 7:00 P.M. or by appointment by calling (304) 534-8716

More Info: Mountain Dragon Mazery Facebook Page

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